A newly built study of Kunming Library is open for free

A citizen was reading in the main reading area of the City Study (photoed by Yang yanhui)

The newly built City Study of Kunming Library located on East Ring Road has officially opened on October 11th.

The opening hours of the study are from 9 to 24 each day. With an area of about 100 square meters, it is equipped with bookshelves, desks, chairs, monitoring equipment, water dispensers, air conditioners and other basic equipment. 

More than 8000 books are available for citizens, including literature, art, history, geography, leisure, children's books, etc. Citizens only need to swipe their ID card or borrowing card of Kunming Library to have access to them. “We don't charge any fees and stay open until 24 in order to extend the service of the public library, make reading an urban culture and enrich ordinary people’s life,” one staff said.

This study is built with a government investment of 750,000 yuan and run by Kunming Library.  

“It is lucky to have a quiet place to read in a busy city,” Ms Wang, who is preparing for the post-graduate entrance examination at the study, said.

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